Building Control Systems
East Coast Security Associates, Inc. works with several of the largest property management companies in the tri-state area.
We can help you set-up:

 - Fire system monitoring and maintenance
 - Fire system annual certifications
 - Sprinkler system annual certifications
   and maintenance
 - Access control systems
 - Telephone intercom systems
 - Elevator phone monitoring
 - Security System installation and monitoring
 - Security cameras
 - Emergency lighting
 - Fire extinguishers
Commercial Fire Systems   Video Surveillance Systems

East Coast Security Associates can design and engineer a fire alarm system for your specific project that complies with NFPA code standards and any unique insurance requirements that you may have.

Our services include:

- Fire Alarm Installations
- Fire Alarm annual testing and Certifications
- Code violations repaired
- Sprinkler annual certifications and maintenance
- Fire Extinguisher sales and service

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Medical alarms grant independence to people who are at risk for injuries and accidents that happen at home. They also give family and friends a greater sense of freedom; knowing that they’ll be contacted immediately if an incident occurs.

We do not only ship the device to your home, but we can also come to your home to service the unit or show you how to use it. Our medic alert systems go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the help you need when you need it.

We have installed video surveillance systems ranging from simple single camera systems to large complex commercial / industrial systems.

We are a recognized leader in industrial CCTV video surveillance systems. Our clients include:

 - Manufacturing Plants & Factories
 - Warehouses & Distributors    
 - Office Buildings
 - Parking Garages and Parking Lots
 - Schools    
 - Hospitals and Medical Centers
 - Senior Centers

*All of our systems can be remotely viewed over your existing computer network and internet for off-site monitoring.

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